Tough Performers - DURABLE DESIGN, the new wear protection

Wear protection range

A broad spectrum of applications in industry and agriculture causes high wear in pipework systems. In view of this, we have developed the new modular wear protection range: DURABLE DESIGN.

The wear protection is glued or bolted in the standard range and consists of a polyurethane base. The materials differ in their various properties. The products are combined with our modular pipework system. In the standard range, we offer diameters DN 150 mm to 350 mm with bolted wear protection and diameters DN 100 mm to 350 mm with glued wear protection. Larger diameters than 350 are generally available on request. Polyurethane offers the advantage that it has a flexible and yet wear-resistant structure. As a result, the impact energy due to deflections is absorbed in particular and thereby extends the lifetime.

DURABLE DESIGN is frequently applied in industry, e.g. for the transport of cement, lime, sand, grit, concrete or mineral wool, and in agriculture, e.g. for the transport of grain, soya, maize or barley.

We also continue to supply ceramic linings on request, a non-stick coating such as PTFE or a coating of your choice. Cast-iron pipework and hot-galvanised or powder-coated pipework with a wall thickness of 3 mm are available as an alternative. Our team would be pleased to assist you with selecting the right wear protection.