Consistency of U-shaped seals

Pull-ring connections with U-shaped seals when compared with pull-rings with sealant (mastic) are considerably tighter.
In order to withstand different chemical and thermal conditions, U-shaped seals are delivered in different rubber qualities.
The following consistencies are standard qualities.

NBR (Perbunan)Food quality with FDA-Approval
Colour:grey white for 1mm, grey for 2mm
Temperature resistance:-20 up to +100 °C
Suitable for:oil, fats, grease, petrol, petroleum, partially also against solvents
Less suitable for:steam, chlorinated carbohydrogens
SI (Silicone) Food quality due BGA Category IV
Temperature resistance: -60 up to +250 °C
Suitable for:many organic oils and greases, saline solutions, ozone, cool water, partially also against solvents, resistant against ageing and weather
Less suitable for:hot water, steam, acids, alkalies, mineral oil, fats and greases - diesel oil, benzol, petrol
EPDM (Keltan)electrostatic conductivity (conductive at powder coated steel, galvanized mild steel and stainless steel)
Food quality with FDA-Approval
Temperature resistance: -30 up to +120 °C
Suitable for:water, steam, acids, alkalies, ozone, partial also against solvents like aceton or MEK, resistant against ageing and weather
Less suitable for:mineral oil, greases, fuels
FPM (Viton)
Colour:brown red
Temperature resistance: -18 up to +230 °C
Suitable for:oil, grease, acids, alkalies, petrol, bencene, ozone, many solvents, very high resistance against chemicals, heat and ageing
Less suitable for:steam, detergents like acetone and MEK,


U-shaped seals made of CR (Neoprene) and Teflon (PTFE) on request.