Segments & Bends

Please refer to our product catalogue (PDF) for details of the sizes available in our standard range.
Technical drawings in 2-D and 3-D and dimension sheets are available in our download area.

Segments 5°
Bends 90°
Bends R = 2 D, 90°
Bends R = 2 D, 60°
Bends R = 2 D, 45°
Bends R = 2 D, 30°
Bends R = 1 D, 90°
Segments 45°
Segments 30°
Segments 15°
Adjustable elbows from 0° to 45°

Pipe bends R = 2 D up to 250 mm diameter are produced out of pressed shells,
for diameters 300 to 400 mm out of pressed segments. In use this means an
optimization of flow and a better wear protection.
Bends with a diameter of more than 400 mm are made of lobster back segments.

For limited space we offer bends R = 1 D, 90° in the common diameters up to 250 mm
out of drawn half-liners.
Bends for bulk goods conveying by gravity with a small radius in 5° up to 45° are listed
up as segments from page 40-44 on.
Bends up to a diameter of 1600 mm are listed up under loose flanges on page 134-137.
Diameters over 1600 mm are available as special production, too.
Please find cast-iron segments against abrasion, 5° – 45°, Ø 120 – 300 mm,
interchangeable against standard-segments, on page 46/47