QUICK CONNECT from JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS - the easy to use pull-ring solution

With a wide range of high-quality and precision-engineered pipework systems, JACOB Group are the one-stop-shop for all your piping needs. Our range is complete with the unique QUICK CONNECT pull-rings.


A high-quality design

With each detail meticulously inspected, every QUICK CONNECT pull-ring is manufactured with an ideal balance of stability, speed and ensuring maximum tightness. The design features a curved clasp, overlapping on the ring ends and an ergonomic grip. This is to ensure that the closure, joint and profile is tight, quick to apply and solid.

QUICK CONNECT pull-ring applied

Easy to use

The QUICK CONNECT pull-rings are designed to combine both the standard lipped end of the pipe and a u-seal, which makes them much easier to use than more traditional connections. This means that any JACOB components are easily and quickly dismantled, changed and assembled without sacrificing speed or precision. Simply open, attach and close!

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Reduces assembly time

Because it has a wide and open profile, it reduces the amount of assembly time required. QUICK CONNECT® pull-rings are manufactured with a fixed bolt to make closure simple around the ends of a pipe. Once the fitting is complete and further tightness is required, you can quickly screw the adjustment bolt further for additional strength around the connection, meaning you can rapidly reach your goal.

Superior strength

When a QUICK CONNECT pull-ring is tightened, it provides superior strength with an impressive 3 bar explosion pressure resistance, when used along with a U-shaped seal. Its ergonomic grip allows the pull ring to easily close firmly and open without any risk of injury - the QUICK CONNECT pull-ring quickly snaps into place with ease.

U-shaped seal for pull-ring

U-shaped seals

JACOB’s range of connecting components includes high-quality U-seals. They are designed to be used with QUICK CONNECT pull-rings and regular pull-rings to ensure there is a tight connection when joining two sections of a pipe together.

You have the choice of materials including EPDM, Silicone, NBR and Viton.

U-shaped seal NBR
U-shaped NBR seal
U-shaped silicone seal
U-shaped silicone seal
U-shaped silicone seal with detectable design
U-shaped silicone seal with DETECTABLE DESIGN
U-shaped seal EPDM
U-shaped EPDM seal
U-shaped seal Viton
U-shaped Viton seal


For application examples of QUICK CONNECT pull-rings in operation, take a look at our Case Studies.

QUICK CONNECT case study Cramer

Cramer-Mühle KG in Schweinfurt invested in the extension of its production line. For the transport of grain and flour as well as the extraction of dusts, the company employed the reliable modular pipework system of JACOB.
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QUICK CONNECT Case study Sealed Air Corp

The Sealed Air Corporation is specialised in packaging systems and product protection. Machines for cutting, welding or coating with a special anti-stick powder are particularly prone to generating industrial dust, which is extracted from work processes through a system of pipework. The pipework system was delivered by JACOB.
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