Tough Performers - DURABLE DESIGN, the new wear protection

Wear protection range

A broad spectrum of applications in industry and agriculture causes high wear in pipework systems. In view of this, we have developed the new modular wear protection range: DURABLE DESIGN.

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We put our own spin on it: reliable particle separation with cyclones

During industrial processes, it is often necessary to remove particles from the air or gas flow. This is done when raw materials are recovered, but also when the air flow is cleaned. The JACOB portfolio includes cyclones for this purpose in its standard range.

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Smooth operator – less noise, more safety with silencers

To reduce unwanted noise pollution to a whisper, we offer silencers with JACOB-compatible elements.

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Detectable Design

DETECTABLE DESIGN is the new JACOB series for increased safety in food production. All products of the DETECTABLE DESIGN series are metal detectable. Should they or even just parts of them go astray, they can be recovered immediately. DETECTABLE DESIGN – built-in safety.

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The new U-shaped seal, exclusively from JACOB: Blue, detectable by metal detectors, safe.

The blue U-shaped seal also represents a milestone in preventing contamination. Our developers have succeeded in incorporating minute particles of metal into the silicone ring. If through installation errors, seals or parts of them get into the production line, a metal detector safely and reliably ejects them. It can be detected by metal detectors. 

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Customised equipment: The multi-way distributor for perfect food transport

Unique on the market: JACOB’s stainless steel version meets the requirements for contact with food imposed by European Regulation EC 1935/2004 as well as those defined by the American FDA.

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New, premium quality surfaces for JACOB pull rings

We offer a variety of surfaces and special finishes for our pull rings.

✓ Electrolytically polished stainless steel
✓ Shot-blasted stainless steel
✓ Powder-coated steel
Choose from our catalogue standards: Particle-blasted stainless steel and galvanized steel.
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Powder-coated modular pipework systems from JACOB with a wide range of surface options

Choose from over 3000 RAL special colours, powder-coated and permanent temperature resistance from -60°C to +120°C exterior coating thickness approx. 80 μm (primer and final coating)

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