Fixing components & accessories

Please refer to our product catalogue (PDF) for details of the sizes available in our standard range.

JACOB-flanges drilled acc. to DIN 24154, T2
Hose connections
Special hose clamps
Hose socket with cover for hose plug
Hose plug
Pipe ball joints
Pneumatic fill or vacuum coupling (with lipped end,
not with welding end)
Flexible sleeve for hose connection
Hose clamps for sleeves
Plexiglass pipes with flanged sockets
Bagging spouts
Fixing clips
Flange 2-parted with hole pattern acc. to DIN 24154, T2
Flanging tools
Paint-spray for re-touching (400 ml)
JACOB Earthing Bridge
Universal Earthing Bridge with contact caps
Earthing-wires 16 mm2
Earthing lugs
Pipe-clamps for wall-mounting with rubber-insert (EPDM, -40 °C – +120 °C)
Pipe-clamps for ceiling-mounting with rubber-insert (EPDM, -40 °C – +120 °C)
Bearing clamp for fixing pipes to steel girders (no welding or drilling required)
Screw metric 10 x 100 mm
Bag clamp made from leather for bagging spout