Connecting components

Please refer to our product catalogue (PDF) for details of the sizes available in our standard range.
Technical drawings in 2-D and 3-D and dimension sheets are available in our download area.

QUICK CONNECT pull-rings without sealant
Pull-rings one-part with mastic sealant
Pull-rings with mastic sealant for 3mm
Pull-rings with mastic sealant for 2mm
Pull-rings with mastic sealant for 1mm
Universal Earthing Bridge with contact caps
JACOB Earthing Bridge
Pull-rings without sealant for U-shaped seals made for piping 3 mm wall thickness
U-shaped seals for pipe flanges
Pull-rings without sealant
Flange 2-parted

Pull-rings for U-shaped seals

1. QUICK CONNECT pull-ring Ø 80 to 300 mm (up to 400 mm possible)
2. Pull-ring with screw fittingØ 60 to 400 mm

Versions: electro galvanized. Alternative: stainless steel (1.4301).
Same profile of pull-rings for piping with a thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm.
The wall thickness is equalized by thicker U-shaped seals for 1 mm pipes and thinner
ones for 2 mm pipes. The U-shaped seal is only slipped over one of the two lips.
U-shaped seals are available in NBR, silicone (both food-grade/FDA compliant), EPDM
(conductive plus FDA compliant) and Viton.

Special tight connection:
The air leakage per connection measured at a differing pressure of 0,5 bar – e.g.
0,08 litres per hour on a diameter of 80 mm and 1,8 l/h on a diameter of 300 mm –
are far below the admissible values of DIN EN 12237, class D. The requirements for
nuclear plants (KTA 3601) of max. 10 litres per hour and square meter pipe surface are
below the limits. Provided that the U-shaped seals are resistant enough, no leakages
have been found out with condensed liquids in the pipe.

Connections of 1.5 mm and 2 mm / 3 mm thick piping with up to Ø 300 mm and 1 mm
thickness for Ø 80 mm have been certified as shock-explosion proof up to 3 bar overpressure.
Surge pressure proof pipelines with a diameter of more than 300 mm have to
be installed with loose flange connections.


Bulk goods conveying and plants for air technique with differential pressures up to
50.000 Pa (500 mbar, 5.000 mm WC).

Pull-rings with factory-fitted mastic sealant


Diameter:Ø 80 to 630 mm
Version: electro galvanized

Due to a larger bending of lines with smaller diameters caused by the mastic sealant,
different pull-ring profile widths are available for the different diameters of 1 mm,
2 mm and 3 mm thick piping.

A very easily assembled connecting system.
The permanently elastic sealant in the pull-ring is physiologically safe. It is covered by
a foil, but nevertheless it cannot be excluded that sealant comes inside the pipe.
Range of temperature: -40 °C to +90 °C.


Bulk goods conveying by gravity and plants for air technique.
For higher demands with regard to sealing and resisting properties of the connection
pull-rings with U-shaped seals should be preferred.

Loose flange piping

Diameter: Ø 350 to 1600 mm
Versions: powder-coated steel (Ø 350 – 630 mm), primed steel (Ø 710 - 1600 mm),
hot-dip galvanized steel, or stainless steel (Ø 350 – 1600 mm).
Pipe thickness: 1 mm (1.5 mm) and 2 mm - 3 mm on request

The lip width for loose flange connections is not 6 mm as used for pull-ring
connections but it is 10 mm. For sealing a U-shaped seal for 10 mm is necessary,
which is pulled over one of the two lips.
Please refer to page 142 for the various U-shaped seal qualities available.
The connection with respective piping up to a diameter of 800 mm is certified as
shock-explosion proof up to 3 bar over-pressure.


Bulk goods conveying and plants for air technique with differential pressures up to
50.000 Pa (500 mbar, 5000 mm WC).

Pull-rings and pipe system components are shock-explosion proof up to 10 bar

(For an overview of products see the supplementary brochure entiteled ’10 bar‘)

Diameters:Ø 80 to 300 mm
Type: powder-coated, stainless steel on request

Pipe system components as lip-flanged pipe components1) (Ø 100 – 200 mm, 2/3 mmwall thickness) with pull-ring connections and U-shaped seals. Or, as an alternative: Pipesystem components with welded slip-over flanges2) (Ø 80 – 300 mm, 2/3 wall thickness)with pull-ring connections and factory-fitted, permanently elastic, silicone-free seals.
Heavy-duty DN 100 – DN 200 pull-rings and U-shaped seals are also available onrequest to provide shock-explosion resistance up to 10 bar. For a complete overview ofthe entire range, please also order the supplementary brochure.