Important information concerning our new logistics center

Date: 20th of March 2018


Our new logistics facility is finished. Although we have planned everything out very diligently, there will be some delays.

In order to increase the productivity of the logistics center towards the desired delivery performance, partial deliveries may occur temporarily. For new orders, the increased delivery times are taken into account, so that delays are prevented. Unfortunately, in this phase, we cannot antedate any deliveries. Hence, we formally apologize for the inconvenience.

Our logisitcs facilty: Over more than 7.500 square meters there will be 13.800 pallet spaces for up to 8.000 different articles. The modern highrise area stacks products up to 21 metres in height. Five workstations are dedicated to parcel shipments. The preparation of truck shipments are handled over 12 packing places and then dispatched via one of 6 loading platforms.

Our logistics facility's building progress in October 2017