A tough performer: DURABLE DESIGN - the wear protection program from JACOB

There are a wide range of applications in industry and agriculture that cause high wear in pipe systems. The DURABLE DESIGN wear protection program is an essential element in increasing the stability and thus the profitability of manufacturing and processing plants. DURABLE DESIGN from JACOB makes pipe components more resistant to hard and abrasive material, reduces wear and thus extends the life of your pipe system.

Individual wear protection for your area of ​​application

The wear protection is either glued or screwed inside the standard pipe elements and the material composition changes depending on the requirements - the material used has exactly the properties that are suited to your area of ​​application.

Wear protection linings have an elastic, yet resistant structure. As a result, the impact energy is absorbed by deflection, and the service life is extended.

Large selection of products available

With DURABLE DESIGN, customers can choose between six different polyurethane-based linings depending on the area of ​​application. JACOB offers standard components with diameter of DN150 mm to DN 350 mm for screwed wear protection and DN100 mm to 350 mm for glued wear protection.

Diameters larger than 350 mm are available on request, as are linings with ceramic, a non-stick coating such as PTFE or a coating of your choice. Alternatively, cast iron pipe and hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated ranges, with a wall thickness of 3 mm, are available.

Cryptane blue - safe wear protection

Small sparks in industrial processes are enough to trigger an explosion with serious consequences for employees and production facilities. They can occur when conveying various bulk materials. It is therefore even more important to avoid dangerous charges and to exclude any ignition sources from your system.

It is important that the entire system is electrostatically conductive. Our new wear protection lining "Cryptane blue", tested by DEKRA, fulfills this requirement and complements the extensive selection of wear protection products from JACOB. Due to its properties, it can even be used in pneumatic conveying processes that generate high charges.

Insulating seals or the JACOB earthing bridge offer additional options for earthing pipe parts. This can further reduce the risk of explosion and ensure greater safety for everyone.

Reduced assembly time thanks to the modular pipe system

With the JACOB pull ring system, you can simply replace more vulnerable pipe parts with lined DURABLE DESIGN components. You can continue to use pull rings and seals from the standard range and easily install the wear protection in new systems.

What do you have to consider when ordering DURABLE DESIGN products from JACOB?

Elements with a lining have a narrower inner diameter. When transitioning from an unlined section and to guarantee an optimal product flow, we have an inlet piece (see drawing), in which the lining is chamfered and reinforced. It is recommended that this piece be installed with each lined component.


DURABLE DESIGN from JACOB - The advantages at a glance

  • Wear protection in a modular system
  • Can be perfectly combined with the JACOB pull-ring system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Longer stability when conveying abrasive materials
  • Flexibly replaceable
  • Choice between several materials as standard
  • Electrostatically conductive wear protection available
  • Broad product range with over 500 articles
  • Other linings on request

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