JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in the animal feed industry

The plant

The feed mill in Lidköping, Sweden, was developed and upgraded by Schlösser plant engineering into an ultra-modern production facility for livestock feed. The project was commissioned by the leading Swedish feed manufacturer Lantmännen. The extensive investment project at this site was to be planned and realised in stages within the various areas of the plant, and was as far as possible to be without any loss of production. Once the last development phase is completed the largest Swedish feed mill will produce some 270,000 tonnes of compound feed for cattle, pigs and poultry each year.
The modernisation also encompassed the entire equipment for storing and outtaking the raw materials and finished feed products, a total of 54 silos in all, each with a capacity of 700 to 1000 m3. The ultra-modern plant equipment includes mixers, chain conveyors and elevators, grinding, mixing and dosing machines and also the press lines, all of which are state-of-the-art. The micro and macro component dosing machine alone comprises 56 silos with a capacity of 10 - 100 m3. After installing the ship discharging equipment and the big bag filling station, the ambitious project will be concluded after completion of four additional press and coating lines and the transfer system for the finished product with the truck loading device. The plant equipment used includes the JACOB pipework system.

The implementation

The decision to use the JACOB pipework system in diameters of 150 to 300 mm was the result of the high standard of quality required, particularly in view of the tightness and shock explosion proof requirement to 3 bar overpressure, plus the quick assembly or disassembly for maintenance due to the QUICK CONNECT® principle. A wall thickness of 3 mm was selected, either in primed or galvanised steel or stainless steel as required. The modular complete system of pipes and components includes parts such as bends, segments,forks, conical pieces as well as pneumatically-operating throttle valves and shutoff valves. Switchable JACOB two-way distributors direct the flow of bulk goods alternately to different production lines in the animal feed mill. A particularly installation-friendly solution was implemented with the use of JACOB pull-rings for connecting the components of the pipework system. Precision quality in series was called for here. This precision quality is demonstrated in the perfect fit between the pull-ring profile and sealing ringand the precision flanged edge of the pipework. In this way, optimal stability and tightnessis guaranteed during operation. At the same time, quick disassembly and re-assembly is possible for maintenance and cleaning. If the equipment becomes electrostatically charged, explosion protection is provided by the earthing cables fitted in the pipework system. The earthing lugs were supplied ready using welded on to the pipework system in the factory.
Where there is production there is dust, which is also extracted the JACOB pipework system.