JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in the pellet industry

The client

The Teccon Konstruktionen GmbH in Austria, with its engineering services, is a point of contact for the steel construction, mechanical engineering and plant engineering industries. The service spectrum ranges from planning to turnkey delivery. For several years now, the special expertise which it provides has included the field of compact pellet production plants for wood pellets.

The plant

The Waldviertel pellet plant commissioned Teccon with designing and installing a compact plant for producing wood pellets. Reliable technology and innovative solutions are utilised ina tower with a basic area of 5 x 6 metres and a height of 18 metres. Wood chips are conveyed to a bunker above the hammer mill. From here, the material is dispensed into the charging chute of the mill. Corn starch, which is discharged by big bag into a feed container two storeys above the hammer mill, is used as a binding material and is added through a bypass pipe. Broken materials and residues from the filters are added as well to make the best possible use of the raw materials. From the hammer mill, the materialis first of all conveyed pneumatically to the separators on the sixth storey. From here, the wood dust is taken to the pellet press via a moisture regulator. The pellets which heat upduring the pressing process are fed to a classification screen via a material cooling unit, which has the purpose of stabilising the shape. The acceptable pellets proceed to a bunker and then to the storage silos while the undersized pellets and the broken materials are returned to the hammer mill by screw conveyor.


The material feed pipes, dust-separating pipes and the pipes in the central dust extraction system are built using the JACOB modular pipework system. The combination of quick assembly and dismantling for maintenance, thanks to the QUICK CONNECT® principle, and explosion pressure shock resistance (of up to 3 bar) led to the decision for this pipe system.The pipe components and parts requiring special expertise range from elbows, forks, segments and conical pieces to throttle valves and distributors with DN 30 - 630 mm. Dueto ATEX requirements, pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm and a primed surface with a conductive powder coating are also used.
In areas where grinding stock is conveyed, Teccon has incorporated a spark detection and extinguishing system which, when triggered, releases a surge of water.
As a compatible complementary solution, the 3 mm DN 150 Jacob pipe was used here for the very first time as a cladding tube for a screw conveyor. Besides the costs, the modular design had a clear advantage over conventional cladding tubes in this case. In order to avoid deposits of dust in the tower in view of fire protection regulations, and in order to optimise cleaning, a central dust extraction system was fitted with connection points on all six storeys.
For more information, please consult www.sobitsch.at or www.jacob-rohre.de