JACOB QUICK CONNECT Tubing system for the Milling Industry

The Customer

KSU - Kansas State University is located in Manhattan, Kansas. The university has built a flour milling test, demonstration and teaching facility reflecting the most advanced technology in the industry.

The Facility

The new technology center offers perfect conditions for students and milling industry personnel to research and develop the newest products and systems. In addition to being a world class teaching facility, it is also available for demonstrations, tours and testing for the milling industry world wide. The new technology center is the largest privately funded facility of its kind, made possible by the joint efforts of KSU and major equipment suppliers to the milling industry. Jacob Tubing, Memphis, TN, a subsidiary of Jacob Rohrsysteme, Germany, contributed QUICK CONNECT® tubing and components for product conveying, down spouting and sampling.

The Installation

The JACOB QUICK CONNECT® Tubing System is based on "off-the-shelf" standard components featured in the catalog. The project included many of the components of the QUICK CONNECT® system, such as tubing, elbows, segments, inspection ports, slide gates, two way valves, tube hangers and hardware.

The system features 304 stainless steel with wall thicknesses ranging from 19 gauge to 14 gauge. The QUICK CONNECT® pull ring design offers 45 PSI (approx. 3 bar) shock explosion proof protection and quick and easy assembly.

Specifically, for the KSU Mill the system offers flexibility for test setups, timesavings during installation and disassembly, and easy clean out of components after production run. All of which are of importance in the production plant environment as well.

We, the Jacob companies, would like to thank KSU for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the new "State-Of-The-Art" milling facility in Manhattan, Kansas.