used in kitchen technology in the Olympiahalle in Munich

The plant engineering company / planner

RIB is a partner for customers from industry and local authorities, providing technical support in all matters concerning plant engineering due to its many years of experience. The planning of the kitchen technology and the central beverage supply in the Olympiahalle in Munich was carried out by the pbb planungsbüro balke in Munich which was founded in 1982. Its references include, for example, the new construction of the BMW Welt (gastronomy and catering) and the renovation of the BMW tower block.

The project

The Olympiahalle is a sports and multi-purpose hall northeast of the Olympic stadium. It has a capacity of 12,150 seats if arena seating is provided or standing room for up to 14.000. This is where, for example, the Munich Indoors showjumping event takes place at the end of the year, during which the overall standings for the Riders Tour are decided. The Olympiahalle has been undergoing a 50 million euro renovation since the end of 2007 to enlarge and modernise it and to make it lighter, with the aim of enhancing its international standing. This work should be completed by the beginning of 2010.


During the above-mentioned renovation a central beverage supply is being set up for the 13 new kiosks. To do so, the delicate hoses through which the beverages are conveyed must be protected. The easy-fit modular pipe system of Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG is used for this purpose. This includes pipes, segments and the two-part pull-rings.


The stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 120 mm is fitted in the damp locations (kitchens) with the aid of the U-shaped seal and the 2-part pull-ring to make it condensation-proof. In the gallery running around the hall the pipe used was galvanised and in addition painted foroptical reasons. In fitting the pipe, the U-shaped seal was dispensed with to allow any leakages in the hose system to be recognised at once. Due to our ability to produce special lengths in our factory, time and also costs were saved as a result. A total of some 400 metres of pipe and several hundred segments were used. Thanks to the two-part pull-ring it is possible to carry out fitting and dismantling quickly. This is essential for inserting the bundle of hoses and for carrying out inspections and maintenance. This easy to install solution supplied by JACOB ROHRSYSTEME was selected for a rather unusual application. In general the versatile lightweight pipe system (diameters of 60-800 mm or larger custom manufacture) with pull-ring connections or, alternatively, flanged connections are used throughout industry for conveying all types of bulk materials. It is also just as common for the market leader of pipe systems to find its system used for the aspiration and extraction of exhaust air containing condensation.