JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in the Chemicals Industry

The Customer

The BASF Group, with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen, is the world leading manufacturer of chemicals, plastics, performance products, crop protection agents and fine chemicals. One of the most important manufacturing locations is Schwarzheide, which lies between Berlin and Dresden in Land Brandenburg,Germany. Polyurethane basic products and systems, crop protection agents, engineering plastics, foams and waterborne coatings are manufactured here for international distribution.

The System

The engineering systems keep abreast with modern standards by means of continuous expansion. The target is further growth. For the expansion of the production systems, Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG now provides its installationfriendly pipework system according to the modular construction kit principle. This includes pipes and a multitude of ingenious fittings, including bends, forks, segments and cone pieces, through to pneumatic and hand-operated throttle valves and shut-off valves, as well as distributors. From the supply of raw materials through to the end product, the Jacob pipework system ensures the smooth flow of materials through the various production stages, with no losses. The introduction of the new and innovative QUICK CONNECT® pull-ring with a U-shaped seal has succeeded in further expanding the application advantages of the Jacob pipework system. This enables especially quick and easy cleaning of predetermined sections of the pipeline. With the special advantages of the QUICK CONNECT® pull-ring - quick, tightly sealed, robust and attractively priced - considerable savings can be made on the costs of installation and disassembly of the pipelines.

The Installation
The high quality requirements that are met by Jacob's QUICK CONNECT® principle, particularly with regard to sealing, shock explosion proof properties up to 3 bar overpressure, quick installation and ease of servicing, determined the choice of pipework system to be used. Pipes and fittings made of grade 1.4301 stainless steel were selected for the purpose of conveying bulk goods. Further saving effects were achieved by the use of flexibly adjusted special pipe lengths.

Up to now, JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS has supplied around 1.5 km of stainless steelpipe, with diameters of 100 - 400 mm, for the extension of the pipework system. Along the production line, their tight seals and maintenance-friendly design guarantee smooth flows through the various processing stages, with no losses. In the chemical industry, materials with particularly good corrosion resistance are required, which also need to be easy to clean and harmless with regard to hygiene. Where there are production processes there is also dust, which has to be extracted by suction. Pipes and fittings made of stainless steel were also used for the air extraction system.