JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in the cement industry

The client

Saint-Gobain-Weber is one of the largest and most innovative protagonists in the European market for mortar mixtures.
Over recent years there has been a steady growth in the variety of pre-mixtures found on the building materials market for the production of concrete, mortar, plaster, adhesives, coating compounds and related products and there is now a huge range available. Innovative products place new and sometimes extreme process engineering demands regarding the preparation of the sand mixtures required.
The latest technologies are successfully used for modern sand preparation in the futuristic mixing tower at the Saint-Gobain-Weber-Beamix plant in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The plant

The material composition is not the only decisive factor in obtaining the assured product features - this also largely depends on exact adherence to specific particle size requirements and volume ratios. Considerable changes to process technology and plant engineering are necessary to produce the required sands. A completely new mixing tower was built in Eindhoven, in fact - the "Maxima". The futuristic architectural design of this productionfacility caused quite a stir in professional circles and among the general public inview of its unusual appearance. The future-based aesthetic appeal of this landmark symbolises the technological advance in the development and production of modern designer building materials.
The top level of the tower contains a large screening machine with 6 screen levels over a working width of 3 metres. This screening machine is required to achieve a throughput of all input materials of at least 80 t/h. The overall plant contains conveyor systems, dosing machines and distributing equipment as well as the requisite dust extraction.
The dust extraction unit in particular uses JACOB MODULAR PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in diameters of 100 to 400 mm.
A dust tight JACOB turn-head distributor with 6 outlets with a diameter of 300 mm each is used for gravitational distribution of dry mortar products to a bagging machine.

The implementation

The deciding factors for using the JACOB pipework system were the stringent quality requirements, especially for wear and tear and installation flexibility, and the quick installation and easy maintenance of this system. The suction pipework was mainly built of powder-coated machine-lip flanged pipe system parts in wall thicknesses of 3 mm. These modular system components were joined with two-part galvanised pull-rings with sealing compound to form an absolutely dust tight connection. Discharge pipes were incorporated at various points on the mixer, screens or dosing and packing machines and were routed to converge in a filter.

The pipework system also incorporates pneumatically operated shut-off valves and two-way distributors.

In view of the likelihood of product-specific abrasion of the pipe thickness, particularly at deflection points, the customer decided on an easy-to-install lightweight construction system which allows for easy, fast and economical replacement of individual elements of the pipework system.

This can be done particularly efficiently and safely during maintenance, cleaning or extensions to the plant thanks to the modular construction of the JACOB pipework system.