JACOB PIPEWORK SYTEMS in the animal feed industry

The planner and plant engineer

The company Ing. Stefan Kastenmüller GmbH has been working as a dealer for the JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEM product range for over 40 years now. The company, which is based in Martinsried near Munich, plans and builds mills and silos for bulk goods such as grains, flour or compound feed, and is also specialized in planning and building equipment for conveying, mixing, weighing, packing and loading. The main focus is on modern and future-oriented plant design.

The client

The company Interquell near Augsburg manufactures dog, cat and fish premium dry food under the brand name "Happy Dog" or "Happy Cat". Around 300 animal food products are currently manufactured. These are exported to over 30 countries.

The conversion

The task of the plant engineer was to expand the existing production capacity since the current plant no longer proved sufficient to meet the requirements of internationalisation or the extended customer structure on the commercial side. The plant expansion represented an investment volume of approximately 10 million euros.

The implementation

Due to the use of various new machinery such as cleaners, a hammer mill, and a dropbottom mixer, it was necessary to use a dust tight pipework system for aspiration. The silos are partly pneumatically and partly mechanically filled. The resulting dust-loaded exhaust air is evacuated using top-mounting filters. This means that the pipework system did not need to be designed to be shock explosion proof to 3 bar overpressure. The pipecomponents used in this case were 1 mm primed pipes which were connected using pullrings with integrated sealing compound.
The aspiration pipe from the mixing plant to the filter becomes contaminated with fine dust particles during operation and it was therefore necessary to design this to be shockexplosion proof to 3 bar overpressure. For this purpose, the 2 mm pipe system and the proven, shock explosion proof and easy-to-install QUICK CONNECT pull-rings with flange-sealing ring were used. In addition, the pipework was kept potential-free by fitting earthing lugs and earthing cables to prevent dust explosions due to a build-up of static electricity.
Depending on the product and the process area, the products are not conveyed pneumatically but also mechanically, for example with pendulum bucket conveyors, Redler/chainconveyors or screw conveyors. The 2 mm primed JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEM was used between these conveyors. Electropneumatic two-way valves with a flange were used for distributing purposes. These were configured for ATEX zone 22. Here, too, the pipe segments were connected using the QUICK CONNECT pull-ring with flange-sealing ring. This pipework was kept potential-free by the use of earthing lugs and earthing cables.
A further use of JACOB conveying pipework is for conveying goods in free fall from a silo discharge screw to a Redler/chain conveyor. To reach the connections from the discharge screw and the Redler conveyor, two segments with a standard angle were twisted against each other to obtain the required intermediate angle. The connection was also designed to be shock explosion proof and potential-free.