Spice milling

JACOB ROHRSYSTEME is present in all industrial sectors. We have formulated some information specifically for our customers in the spice milling industry.

Industrial sectors
  •     Spice milling
Possible use
  •     Conveying pipe systems for component transportation, systems to extract air/dust.
  •     Product transportation systems gravimetric or pneumatic (always low capacities).
  •     Suction – for dust-transporting systems (dusts have value and recovery is therefore important)
Product characteristics
  •     Products range from grain to powder consistency, abrasiveness is generally negligible – except for pepper.
Special characteristics
  •     Dusts are also a valuable economic good – the seal on the system is important!
  •     Caking is negligible – although products can absorb water. Dust explosion risk so earthing is necessary.
  •     Pipe systems need to be shock pressure resistant, among other things, because of the risk of dust explosion.
Primary use
  • Materials: Only Cr Ni steels
  • Pipe diameter: 80 mm for products, 100 – 300 mm for return air systems
  • Wall thicknesses: s = 1 mm (greater wall thicknesses is system is shock pressure resistant

Case Study – JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS in the food industry