Coffee roasting

JACOB ROHRSYSTEME is present in all industrial sectors. We have formulated some information specifically for our customers in the coffee roasting industry.

Industrial sectors
  • Coffee roasting
Possible use
  • Supply and return ventilations, down pipe systems
  • Conveying systems in the sector of green coffee beans/roasted coffee/ground coffee
  • Conveying system e.g. in packaging
  • Air extraction systems
  • Rotating tube distributor in the green coffee bean sector
Product characteristics
  • Coffee as a low bulk density in bean form.
  • Hardly water absorbent
  • Easily transportable
Special characteristics
  • Roast coffee/ground coffee
  • Highly aromatic – sealed systems are essential.
  • No lump formation
  • No caking in the system
Primary use
  • Materials: Steel, Cr-Ni steels
  • Pipe diameter: As down pipe 100 – 200 mm, As dust transportation system – 450 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: s = 1 mm s = 2 mm

Case Study – JACOB ROHRSYSTEME in the food industry