Customer-specific solutions

JACOB ROHRSYSTEME is present in all industries. We are always creating customer-specific solutions for some of our customers. Our subsidiary in Gransee specialises in special solutions. The customer solutions, which are sometimes eccentric, are already being realised in small series.

Industrial sectors
  • All, special solutions
Possible use
  • Supply and return ventilation systems
  • Suction of harmful substances
  • Removal of return air
Product characteristics
  • Subject to thermal stress
  • Slightly abrasive or aggressive
Special characteristics
  • Consider earthing where electrostatic charging occurs
Primary use
  • Materials: Thin sheeting, normal steels, Cr Ni steels
  • Pipe diameter: DN 60 - DN 2000 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: s = < 1 mm, 1, 1, 5, 2, 3 mm