Chemicals industry

JACOB ROHRSYSTEME is present in all industrial sectors. We have formulated some information specifically for our customers in the chemicals industry.

Possible use
  • Bulk goods pipes and return air transportation
  • From transportation of the raw product to the final product (running through the different production stages)
  • Product transportation systems, e.g. for granulates, fresh air feed, air extraction systems can contain dust or aerosols.
Product characteristics
  • Products are often granulates with moderate or low bulk density, water absorption is secondary.
  • Products can be chemically aggressive (acid or base)
  • Special paintwork could be necessary.
Special characteristics
  • Fast and simple assembly and dismantling and fast assembly and easy maintenance are necessary for the cleaning of certain areas of the pipeline.
  • Materials with high corrosion resistance
  • Seal and explosion shock pressure resistance up to 3 bar overpressure
  • Easy to clean and hygienically safe
Primary use
  • Materials: Mainly Cr Ni steels, e.g. stainless steel from the material 1.4301 (special cases must be agreed)
  • Pipe diameter: 60 – 400 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: s=1 mm, s=2 mm

Case Study – JACOB ROHRSYSTEME in the chemicals industry